It is said that the altar boys that serve in the altar are representatives of God’s angels. It is truly a privilege and blessing to serve as an altar boy. It is also a calling from God to serve His church in this way.

Upon entering the fourth grade, all boys are invited to become altar boys. The boys are organized into groups which serve, in rotation, at the holy Altar during all worship services. Extracurricular activities and retreats are also planned to encourage fellowship, partnership, and teamwork.

We have been blessed to have a large group of dedicated boys and young men to serve at the Taxiarchae parish. As we begin the ecclesiastical new year, let us all make an effort as altar boys to continue our commitment to this important ministry of the church. In this world of fast-pace living and constant rushing, let us continue to take at least one day out of our week, Sunday, and make it a priority to come to church and worship as a family and to serve as altar boys. Remember Christ tells us in Matthew 20:16, "For many are called, but few are chosen." You, as altar boys, are the "chosen" that serve in this important ministry of the church, and in this way show your love for Christ and His Church. If you would like to serve the church as an altar boy, please see Father Demetri.